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July 31st, 2022

The Bible carries the most incredible message in the world. It has the power to transform our thoughts and, ultimately, our lives. We love to quote its verses to encourage ourselves and others in difficult times and when giving advice or counseling––but sometimes, those verses get taken out of context. What happens when we miss the original intent and meaning of the most powerful message in the world? Can it hurt, and does it matter?

It's important to try not to make the Bible say something it didn't say. In this message series, Pastor Lance will cover some of our favorite and most misused verses. We'll learn the context of the verses and what they really mean. We hope this message series, The Bible Didn't Say That, strengthens and encourages your faith.

Have you ever felt like your heart was crowded? Worship and worry fight for space. Fear and faith seem to share the same real estate in your thoughts and mind. Sometimes the struggle between conflicting emotions is so strong that it can feel hard to worship God when you come to church. You wonder how you can sing songs declaring your trust in Jesus when what you feel says otherwise. In this message, Wade Joye teaches us that being a worshipper when you don't feel it isn't being fake. It's actually being faithful.

Wade serves churches around the country through teaching and coaching. Wade most recently served as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church. For 14 years, he oversaw the development of worship culture and staffing for 20 locations, spearheaded the growth and pastoring of Elevation Worship, and was instrumental in creating the systems that allowed Elevation Worship songs to go around the world as he led the record label and touring teams.Be sure to catch the entire message if you haven't already.



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